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Painting of ocean, sea, wave, waves, water, hawaii, oahu, beach, sand, sandy, surf, surfing, snorkeling, scuba, swimming, coastline, shoreline, vacation, holiday, island, tropical, summer, relaxing, blue, green, foam, by Eileen McKeon Butt, science art, a
acrylic on canvas

The beginnings of a house reef at this beach appear after only a few feet of water. Pushed to and fro by the shoreline waves, the sand begins to accumulate into bands and a little further out, the coral and fish begin to appear. I wanted to create a memory of how the gorgeous linear patterns of sand look when viewed from the shallows. The sunlight from above flickers onto the dark sand under the water, producing beautiful and hypnotic effects; the shades of color vary from sandy to dark brown, complemented by all the blues and greens of the ocean, like a palette formed by Nature.

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